Greetings. I'm a Software Development Manager at, where I lead the SNAP EBT program. The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program is a US Federal Government benefit that helps over 40 million Americans buy food. This program will enable customers to use their SNAP benefits on Amazon to buy groceries for themselves and their families, and is a partnership with the USDA (Read more about this on Fortune). Because of our product selection and delivery muscle, we can help get nutritious food to people who may not have great access to it. This is my passion project and I feel so fortunate to work on something I truly care about.

Other career areas of interest are building software careers, customer experience, operational intelligence, and prognostic health of online services. I live in a small town outside of Seattle and take my dog to work. My other interest is bringing more women, people of color, and especially women of color into the tech industry.

And now to work backwards. Other day jobs I've had include:

Program Manager at Microsoft, where I worked on the Bing Platform, specifically, all of the underlying instrumentation and metrics that need to exist in order to measure the health of a massively scalable platform. I also created tools to speed up root cause analysis of faults in the serving stack.

Product Engineer and Programmer at Boeing.  While I worked on several projects as a software developer at Boeing, my time working on Airplane Health Management remains one of my most formative and rewarding, as it's where I had the opportunity to explore the product space while also being on the development side of the house (not to mention, it's Boeing that brought me to Seattle). Airplanes--and other forms of large scale transportation--are basically giant flying metrics machines. In ways they are years ahead of software in their use of big data to help the system make RT alterations to itself. At AHM I developed ingestion pipelines, interpreters, and reporting mechanisms to turn the endless stream of data being sent off airplanes into something actionable for airlines. 

In 2014 I left Microsoft. I backpacked the Mt. Rainier back-country and went up and down Mt. Si more times than I'd like to admit. I worked at organic farms. I taught myself food preservation and successfully cured bacon and kombucha, put up 50 lbs of tomatoes, and ruined a vat of pickles. When the year ended I returned to software.

I earned a Masters in Software Engineering from Brandeis University, and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California - Irvine. During undergrad I lived in the now defunct Irvine Meadows West, a trailer park that housed my 35' 1970 Silver Streak trailer. There, I learned the fine art of fixing things with duct tape and chicken wire, renegade plumbing, and living on cornmeal.  IMW is the sole reason I was able to put myself through college. Before I was a CS major I was an English major. That's a story.

Originally, I'm from a small beach town in Southern California. 

When I'm not at Amazon, I love love love art. I'm on the Advisory Board for TeenTix, which provides low-cost arts access to diverse teens around the Puget Sound. I am also an advocate for the Seattle Symphony, specifically their education and outreach programs that provide art and education to low-income school districts in WA state. Sometimes I even try my hand at art-like things. Mostly terrible portraits of Sir Laurence Olivier. 


*My opinions are my own and do not represent my employer.